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Give The Land Back?

November 10, 2020

Today we travel to a future where the US and Canada give stolen land back to tribes & bands. 


The intro scene was written & performed by Molly Swain and Chelsea Vowel, along with Johnnie Jae

You can donate to Molly & Chelsea’s landback project here. 

Further Reading:

Cree terms glossary

  • kihci-tapwêwin – the great truth
  • tânisi – hello, how are you
  • namoya nânitaw – not bad 
  • kiya mâka – and you?
  • wâhkôhtowin – expanded kinship
  • ostêsimâwasinahikêwin – writing or negotiating a treaty
  • kinohteminihkwân cî maskihkîwâpoy – would you like some tea?
  • wahwâ – a positive exclamation (like “great!” or “awesome!”)
  • miyo-wîcêhtowin – the act of being in good relation
  • wîtaskêwin – living together on the land
  • kokum – grandmother
  • mooshum – grandfather
  • kâ-wêwêkisit – (name for someone) she who is laying down wrapped in a blanket

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Flash Forward is hosted by Rose Eveleth and produced by Julia Llinas Goodman. The intro music is by Asura and the outtro music is by Hussalonia. The episode art is by Matt Lubchansky. The voices from the future this episode were provided by 

If you want to suggest a future we should take on, send us a note on Twitter, Facebook or by email at info@flashforwardpod.com. We love hearing your ideas! And if you think you’ve spotted one of the little references I’ve hidden in the episode, email us there too. If you’re right, I’ll send you something cool. 

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That’s all for this future, come back next time and we’ll travel to a new one. 


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