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Flash Forward is a critically acclaimed podcast about the future. In each episode, host Rose Eveleth takes on a possible (or not so possible) future scenario — everything from the existence of artificial wombs, to what would happen if space pirates dragged a second moon to Earth. What would the warranty on a sex robot look like? How would diplomacy work if we couldn’t lie? Could there ever be a black market for fecal transplants? (Complicated, it wouldn’t, and yes, respectively, in case you’re curious.) By combining audio drama and deep reporting, Flash Forward gives listeners an original and unique window into the future, how likely different scenarios might be, and how to prepare for what might come.

Named one of the Best Podcasts by iTunes, Wired Magazine, New York Magazine, New Statesman, Business Insider, The Globe and Mail, Indiewire, Popular Science, and The New York Times.

Featured on NPR’s Planet Money, WNYC’s Note to Self, Call Your Girlfriend, The Allusionist, and The Longest Shortest Time.

Flash Forward is produced and hosted by Rose Eveleth. You can read more about her, and see her other work, here.

If you like the show you can support us over at our Patreon page. Supporting the show can get you cool extras too, like a special fan newsletter, a bonus podcast, a book club, and a goody bag!

If you have an idea for a future you want us to travel to you can send us an email at info@flashforwardpod.com. We’re also on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, if you’d like to connect with us there.

Our logo was designed by Lena GroegerThe intro music is by Asura and the outtro music is by Hussalonia. The episode art is by Matt Lubchansky.

Can’t decide where to begin? Here’s a starter playlist:

Looking for topic specific episodes? Try the following playlists for EARTH/ENVIRONMENT, BODIES and CULTURE/POLITICS.