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Introducing: Advice For And From The Future

June 16, 2020

INTRODUCING: the newest show in the Flash Forward family — Advice For And From The Future.

What happens when your partner wants to flee this planet, and you want to stay? Is wanting to go to Mars basically saying you want to break up? Can you have a long, long, long distance relationship? Is a five-year date a terrible idea?

To answer this interplanetary conundrum, Rose calls up Andrea Silenzi, host and creator of the dating podcast Why Oh Why. Plus, an original song by the Song Salad team!

Advice For And From The Future is written, edited and performed by Rose Eveleth. The theme music is by Also, Also, Also. The logo is by Frank Okay. Additional music this episode provided by Blue Dot Sessions.

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Lily June 19, 2020 at 2:16 pm

Hi Rose – trying to subscribe on aCast but it’s not on there yet – can you give us the RSS URL so I can add it on?

Aemi Asan June 23, 2020 at 5:49 pm

Love this episode and looking forward to new ones!!

You and Andrea took this episode in a way I was not expecting. I imagined the conversation would have been similar to “I want to move to [foreign nation on another continent]!” While the death is a valid concern in space travel, staying on Earth is not going to prevent it. I did not feel that was a strong enough to be the main argument for the partner who was against going to Mars. But I 100% agreed with your point about escapism and that going to Mars does feel like giving up everything on Earth. Of course, that is probably how families felt during the great migration periods. Once you left, there was very little chance of returning.

One last thing, loved the song, now I have it stuck in my head XD


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