A sign reads 'Welcome to Vanguard Estates'. A pair of robots stands on either side of the sign.

Welcome to the latest series from Flash Forward. The gist is simple: Welcome to Vanguard Estates is a choose your own path story. Each episode has a number, and a short title, and at the end of every episode you'll be presented with a choice. All you have to do is click one and you'll be on your way!


Vanguard Estates is a production of Flash Forward. The story was written by Rose Eveleth; edited by Ace Tilton Ratcliff and Georgia Wyatt; and produced by Ozzy Llinas Goodman. The sound design is by Mischa Stanton and music is by Ilan Blanck. Illustrations by Mattie Lubchansky. This interactive playback site was designed & coded by Marcos Wright-Kuhns.

The voice actors for Welcome to Vanguard Estates are:

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